December 3, 2010

Hey Chini, are you top because you're the king?


-WHAT?!?! Why did you turn around, you know? Pay attention when you're talking to me!

-Sorry, you know! Chini! Are you on top because you're the king?
-Of course, you know-I am the Great Namchini!

-Chini-I'm on a chair!

-That's good Goober, go back to sleep, you know!

This collar is ridiculous you know!

What?!!? I told you before, this apron is MINE, you know!

I'm sleeping, you know! Seriously!

I chews on SHOES, you know!!!

Maybe you won't notice me by your butt, you know!

We're going for the cute white fluffy world record, you know!

I killed too many zombies today, you know!


We're hanging out on the table, you know!

This is MY rainbow banana! Back off, I am King.

This is a 22, you know!

Official STARFER Rating: 22 points

Your food is MINE, you know! Drop it!

I'm Superman, b*&^#!

I am Namcha, hear me meeowrawwrrrr!

I have SPIKY haunches, you know!

Dang-I am tired from sleeping all day, you know!

I'm GOOBER! I love sleeping!

If you put it on the floor, it's mine you know!!

Official STARFER Rating (17.5)

Hmmm.....  Unforced pose.  Very nice, asymmetrical, paw position.  Excellent placement on the principal prop, namely the rug.  If the secondary prop, namely the packing material, were even a little bit classier, the Great Namchini would have approached a perfect 20.  As it is, he earns a not so shabby 17 1/2 STARFER (Standard Recumbent Feline Rating) points.  My heartiest congratulations! (From the STARFER executive director)