Namcha Barwa

Greetings. We are Namcha Barwa and this is our blog. We are KING. We were adopted in 2010 from the foster group Helping Persian Cats in Los Angeles. The wonderful people who work there saved us from being put down after our leg was severely fractured.. We were three years old at the time.We required nine months of foster care before we became adoptable, and we were confined to a room where we could not jump on top of anything until our leg had healed.

We now reign over our new kingdom, and over two minions, Kirby and Sumi. Our immense personality has produced a wealth of nicknames including The KING, The Great Namchini, Chini, Namchee and Barwini.

Our pursuits include: being KING, posing in KINGLY ways for STARFER points, playing fluffy gladiators with the Cludder, staring out the window, eating our chin fur, helping the Humans with various household tasks, chewing on fingers (they are delicious!), being fed treats before gookie cleanings, running in sideways skitters, cleaning the Royal Rump and Exalted Toe Fur, and lying on anything new that is placed on the floor.

Thank you for visiting our Kingdom.

We extend you our kingly paw,