December 11, 2010

Full extension

You have no idea how many pilates it takes to get to this level of extension, you know!!!

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December 10, 2010

I can lick my eyeballs, you know!

I can lick my eyeballs.


Ah ah ah.... I have to sneeze... 
Ahhhh.... much better, you know!

December 9, 2010

Aquiring new minions with my KINGLY gravitational pull...

Doopty, doopty doo... this bug on the wall is so interesting... I feel strangely warm...
What is THIS!? My powerful KINGLY forces of gravitation have attracted a furry black hole to my side!!!
Black hole, you have my kingly approval... I anoint you my new vassal.
What is this look of annoyance!?!
BOW BEFORE ME!  I am KING! How dare you question my KINGLY authority!
You have earned my kingly approval. You may stay.
Indeed, we make a handsome pair. You may stay on my throne awhile. you know!
WHAT?!?!  You have abandoned THE KING?!!!  I will have my vengeance, you know!!!

Take your best papparazzi shot now, you know! I am freaking ADORABLE...

I must be KING because I am handsome-take your picture now, you know!

What is taking so long? You will receive in retribution my kingly gaze of disapproval...

I am ready for you sculptor, bronze captor and various artists to capture my handsomeness!  Bring it!
GAK, hold on, I am eating my chin fur...

December 8, 2010

Hi, you know!!!!

Hi you KNOW!!!!! I am Goober. You may call me Gooberface or Goobatron or by my given name, Kirby. I love water. I love water and STALKING! I am stalking you right now!!! Can you see me? I love staring and I love water more! I stick my squishy face in it and get it all over my chin, you know!! My eyes are black because I am STALKING! I love it!
Hello again!!!! I am defeating the STRING MONSTER, you know! I love STRING, and WATER!!! I am winning without my vorpal sword! I win, you know because I am CUTE!

December 7, 2010

Goober approves of small spaces...

This is mine you know, mine!!!!!  I like small spaces, you know! You can't see me, you know! I'm HIDING!

Emoting kingly disapproval...

What is this hard silver object you have placed on my sleeping area!? I am emoting kingly disapproval.

Ah yes. This Entertainment Weekly you were intending to read before bed-this is acceptable, you know! However in light of earlier events this evening, I stick my tongue out at you.

December 6, 2010

Assisting humans with boxes can be exhausting, you know! (STARFER SCORE 19.5)

Goober could not handle assisting the human with putting together Ikea boxes-it was too much for her-she had to take a nap. As you can see, she successfully defeated the string monster and is sleeping next to its dead carcass.

As King, I helped my humans change the light bulb. This box is my current throne (I have many).
However I soon succummed to the lure of recumbant posing (to be submitted for STARFER point value).

STARFER SCORE: 19.5: Hmmm....  Very nice front paw symmetry.  And a cute, "perky" tail....  

However, as in the ongoing codification of STARFER a prop is not a prop if it merely "appears" in the photo, and is not a part of the pose, the boxes do not count, leaving Namcha, with a near max, unassisted, 19.5.  Congrats!

Two ears way up: Staring out the window

My favorite spot, you know!
The Great Namchini gives staring out the window a positive rating of two ears way up. According to a study published in my favorite newspaper, The Scratchington Post ( we handsome felines spend 21.6 % of our time looking out the window. I must concur-this is a most pleasant activity. This study attached feline cams to the participants and noted the most common activities. For the holidays, I am requesting such a camera for my collar. The masses must know the wondrous doings of my royals self. An acceptable camera might be ( on ThinkGeek. What? Surprised at my tech savvy? My omniscience? Wait until I am wearing my KingCam, and you will no longer be surprised.

Another note, the same study found another common feline activity was spending time with other animals (11.8 %). I also try to find time to spend with my minions-one must to keep up kingly appearances, you know!

And now, back to the window...