December 6, 2010

Two ears way up: Staring out the window

My favorite spot, you know!
The Great Namchini gives staring out the window a positive rating of two ears way up. According to a study published in my favorite newspaper, The Scratchington Post ( we handsome felines spend 21.6 % of our time looking out the window. I must concur-this is a most pleasant activity. This study attached feline cams to the participants and noted the most common activities. For the holidays, I am requesting such a camera for my collar. The masses must know the wondrous doings of my royals self. An acceptable camera might be ( on ThinkGeek. What? Surprised at my tech savvy? My omniscience? Wait until I am wearing my KingCam, and you will no longer be surprised.

Another note, the same study found another common feline activity was spending time with other animals (11.8 %). I also try to find time to spend with my minions-one must to keep up kingly appearances, you know!

And now, back to the window...

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