December 6, 2010

Assisting humans with boxes can be exhausting, you know! (STARFER SCORE 19.5)

Goober could not handle assisting the human with putting together Ikea boxes-it was too much for her-she had to take a nap. As you can see, she successfully defeated the string monster and is sleeping next to its dead carcass.

As King, I helped my humans change the light bulb. This box is my current throne (I have many).
However I soon succummed to the lure of recumbant posing (to be submitted for STARFER point value).

STARFER SCORE: 19.5: Hmmm....  Very nice front paw symmetry.  And a cute, "perky" tail....  

However, as in the ongoing codification of STARFER a prop is not a prop if it merely "appears" in the photo, and is not a part of the pose, the boxes do not count, leaving Namcha, with a near max, unassisted, 19.5.  Congrats!

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